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SVR Logo Introduction & FAQ
The Societas Via Romana (Roman Way Society) is a multicultural, creative and organic society that celebrates the legacy of the classical world.
Planter The SVR's Collegia
Our Collegia are the backbone of the Societas Via Romana. They, as a collective, serve as a repository of knowledge about the ancient world in general and the Roman world in particular.
Temple of Saturn Forum
Enter the forum - the place where we discuss all topics from Antiquity. You can also find our collegia and comitia here.
Alma-Tadema - Girl with Cat Chatroom
Welcome to the confabulatorium - our chatroom. Check the forum for updates on chat sessions, or drop by to see who's there right now.
Roman Portrait-bust Members
Join the Societas Via Romana! The "white pages" of the SVR. See where our members are located.
Codices Regulae
The Societas Via Romana strives for clarity, simplicity and accessibility in its regulations and inner workings. Here you will find all information about our administration and our internal rules.
Circus Maximus model Ludi Societatis
The Ludi Societatis, our very own virtual form of chariot racing. Here you'll find an overview of our different factions, players, and rules.
Alma-Tadema - Orator Contact
For questions or feedback about your membership, the SVR as an organisation, or our Web site and Forum, contact our Curatores.
Cives Romani
Cives Romani
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