The SVR's Collegia
Lion wall-planter Collegium Historicum
Roman history and personalities

Collegium Artium et Litterarum
Roman arts, architecture, and literature

Collegium Philosophiarum
Classical philosophy

Collegium Religionum
Religio Romana and other ancient religions

Collegium Graecum
Greek culture, history, and language

Collegium Linguae Latinae
The Latin language

Collegium Militarium
Roman warfare and military life

Collegium Vitae Quotidianae
Daily life in the Mediterranean

Our Collegia are the backbone of the Societas Via Romana. They, as a collective, serve as a repository of our members' knowledge about the ancient world in general and the Roman world in particular. Each Collegium focuses on a specific aspect of the Mediterranean world, ranging from historical facts to linguistic particularities.

If you are just looking for information, you can find it here! However, we do ask that if you use some of the information found here, that you hyperlink us or mention the author as a source. Also, if you intend to use a complete essay here, it's best to contact the author. This can usually be done through our Forum, or by contacting our Aediles who will in turn contact the author for consent.
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