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NEW: Forum Rules and Guidelines

Postby Aldus Marius on Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:30 am

Salvete, viatores (Greetings, Visitors)!

This is the official forum of the Societas Via Romana, an international Roman cultural-interest society that is dedicated to the active study, discussion, recreation and application of the classical heritage in the modern era.

All visitors can read the messages on this forum, but only registered users (those with a login) may post. Some sections of the Forum are only available to actual members of the Societas. An application for SVR membership (which is entirely free) is available on our Web site

On our Web site,, you can also find contact information, a FAQ, the Society's bylaws, and the featured contributions--essays, drawings, movie reviews and more--of the SVR's members.

Below is a set of general rules and posting guidelines for this online forum. Post soon--vobis speramus (we hope to hear from you)!


    • Don't over-quote. Try to include only the specific information you're responding to.
    • Do not cross-post (send the same message to more than one forum) unless relevant.
    • Add or change the subject line to reflect the content of your posting if possible.
    • If you feel the need to respond to several messages in a single session, try to bundle them together.

    • No spamming ! If you wish to advertise something related to Romanitas, please address yourself to the Forum moderator(s).
    • Try not to go off-topic : send your messages to the appropriate Collegium.
    • Internal and administrative issues are discussed in the "Comitia" forum, which is only open to registered members of the Societas.
    • Keep posts with just "thanks", "I agree" etc. in them to a minimum, unless relevant to the discussion. If you wish, you can always send such messages directly to the person you're thanking or agreeing with.
    • Do not post copyrighted material without the creator's permission.
    • Include your Roman name, if you have one, at the end of every posting. (If you do not have a Roman name, you can still post!)
    • Use common sense when posting. Be aware that you always have two options: responding through the forum or to a member personally. The content of your message should determine which of these you choose.
    • Be courteous to other forum members. If you disagree with them, fine, just don't resort to personal insults.
    • It is forbidden to post private messages from members sent to you without their permission.

    If you're not sure whether your post will violate the rules, ask the moderator(s) before you send it.

  • This set of forum rules and posting guidelines must be displayed on the Forum's Index page.
  • Keep the forum rules clear, and enforce them in a respectful way.
  • Keep the membership informed of any changes in the forum rules.
  • If you set rules, follow them yourself. Be an example to the membership of how to use the forum well.
  • Problems with Forum members will be handled off-board and kept private.


Minor infringements upon the forum rules will be called to the Forum member's attention via a private message (PM) from the moderator(s). Should the Forum member continue to violate the rule after receiving a notice, the moderator(s) may decide to put him/her on suspended status for a period of up to three weeks. This means that the member will not be able to post in the Forum until the suspension has ended.

Any major infringement upon the Board rules, such as intolerable insults, inappropriate content or advertising unrelated to the Roman world, will result in suspended status for a considerably longer period; a temporary ban on the member's Forum access; or permanent removal from the Forum. Nota bene: Removal from the Board does not affect one's membership status in the SVR itself.

Suspended or banned members must be informed by the Admins that they have the right to appeal their suspension or banning to the SVR Curia [ ] if they believe they have been dealt with unjustly. If the Curatores decide this to be so, the decision of the Admins will be revoked.

In amicitia et fide (In Friendship and Good Faith),
Aldus Marius Peregrinus.
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