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Correct form of Lararium Ritual?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:56 pm
by M.Apollonius Silvanus
Salvete Omnes!

Okay first let me say that I havent been a very good practicing paganus over the years. In other words Ive been pagan in mind but not in practice.

My questions are:

I found a format on NR for personal daily rites at the Lararium. It states to ignite the turibulum and burn some incense pray to Mother Vesta then Father Ianus, THEN it says to burn incense again and pray to Janus again...Later It again says to honor the Family gods with some incense.
This confuses me, is it talking about the same incense each time or more?

Another question is it says:
Offer a spelt cake and pray......and then again later to make an offering of bread drizzled with olive oil...again is this referring to the same peice of bread/cake or another peice?

My last question is it states:
(anoint with olive oil) and has a prayer to the Genius/Iuno of Pater/Materfamilias...anoint what? and what does it mean by Genius/Iuno of the Pater/Materfamilias? doe is mean to say all them or just to one of them? Or should we replace those with our patrons etc?

Sorry Im slow at times.

Ive been using just one incense,and one peice of bread and saying all of what is written on the NR Site Page. ... va_Roma%29

PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2008 12:55 am
by cepasaccus
cepasaccus Marco s d

Roman prayers are often structured like this:

Prayer with:
1) Naming of the god who will be addressed
2) The wish to the good, which he should fulfill after something has been donated to him ("...after you have been honored by...[this]")

Then the thing is donated.

And finally the god is again named and he is told, that he got the donation. ("XXX be strengthened by ...[this]")

All is said with an older and contract related Latin.

So when something is named twice it is probably the before and after donation.

Btw. the shortest known prayer is "Mars, vigila" from a military ceremony, which shows the minimum parts: Naming and wish.