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Ave from John Maddox Roberts

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:56 pm
by decimus caecilius
Hello, I'm John Maddox Roberts, author of the SPQR mystery series set in the late Republic. I've just joined this board and will be happy to answer any questions any of you might have.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:43 pm
by Cleopatra Aelia
Welcome to the board. I always enjoyed reading your SPQR mysteries. Will definitely come back once I find time to re-read them and a question comes up to my mind. :lol:

John Maddox Roberts

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 12:35 am
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salve, Iohanne - et Scriptor et Auctor - et alii Iohanne, ut sum -

Nonne tuum nomen in Barbariani Conanis librorum faciebus conspectavi? Aren't you one of the writers of new Conan tales? I'm sure we all welcome you here.

I don't read much popular fiction nowadays, so unfortuneately I haven't read any of the SPQR mysteries. I will have to head over to Wikipedia and see what they have to say about your opera.

I wonder - were R. E. Howard alive today, whether he might've joined the Societas Via Romana. In his fictive nation of Aquilonia, you get a mix of both medieval France and ancient Rome - a wonderful fusion.

Gaudeor quod venisti. Vale.

Point of Law

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 3:01 am
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salve Decimi Caecilii, atque sodalibus omnibus s. p. dico.

I got a copy of your 10th SPQR book, "A Point of Law", and have just begun it (between studying and work and my family's demands). It's a great read for an untutored adopted Roman like myself - lots of characters, situations and historical personages, geography and landmarks of the city. Gratias tibi, Caecilii; volumen bene incipit.

I recommend this book, especially for those of us who are not a Bachelor, a Master or a Doctor of the Classics.

Valete bene sodales omnes.