new findings shed new light on Athens

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new findings shed new light on Athens

Postby Quintus Aurelius Orcus on Mon Mar 17, 2003 9:52 pm

this comes from another list dated back from 17 february from the list moderator who sent this to his list:
This just in on the archaeological circut:

Since proper diggings have begun in Athens way back in the 50's,
there has always been a puzzel that archaeologist could never figure
out. That comes when actual homes are found. It seems that often,
near the courtyards and any slave quarters is found a plaque (usually
of wood or stone) with what all use to think was a blessing of the
house. But all of them were so worn or fragments that no one was sure
of the exact purpose of them. And why so close to the servant

News flash of this came two weeks ago as a series of block homes were
discovers not far from Athens. The plaques were in tact and readable.
They were not prayers but morning songs that were sung by the servant
to wake up the rest of the house. One reads as follows:

Swallow sing your song,
Wake master of the house,
Wake children and and my lady.
Swallow sing your song.


Rise up, rise up, my mistress lady
A fire is kindled in the hearth
Rise up, rise up, my mistress lady
a bowl of bread awaits you
Rise up, rise up, my mistress lady

There is clear evidence that thses songs were sung over and over to
wake the house hold in a loud hymn of sorts "much like the prayers
bellowed out in muslim temples." The servant was "most of the time
female" and "given this chore because of her ability to sing."

A new picture can now be painted of Athens now. As the morning sun
peeks over the landscape, the female servant come out in to the court
yard to sing out these short hymns. Soon the town is filled with
servants singing in the pre-dawn light.

Sadly there is also evidence that should the servant sleep in and not
wake the house, the servant would be scolded. Stiil, what a nice way
to be woken in the morning. Better than a BEEP BEEP BEEP or
RRRRRRRIIIINNNNGGGG that we wake up to today.
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