Announcement of candidacy

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Announcement of candidacy

Postby Gnaeus Dionysius Draco on Mon May 12, 2003 9:43 pm

Salvete sodales,

I hereby announce my candidacy for the position of rector Collegii Latini. I have studied Latin for six years and have already contributed to the teaching material at our site. I believe revitalising ColLat to teach more Latin, but also to go beyon this and make attempts at serious linguistic essays, is my essential task if I get elected.

My other qualifications: I am currently Aedilis and have been Censor for 1,5 year. I've also served two terms as rector of Collegium Philosophicum. In non-administrative sense I'm iurisconsultus and praeceptor as well.

Valete bene,
Gnaeus Dionysius Draco Invictus
Gn. Dionysius Draco Invictus
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