Neptunalia Celebration, Lebanon, TN

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Neptunalia Celebration, Lebanon, TN

Postby Aldus Marius on Sun Jul 15, 2007 8:43 am

Salvete, amici Romani!

If anyone's near Tennessee, there's a gathering for the Neptunalia in the works:

Neptunalia Celebration on Sunday, July 22, in Lebanon, TN

There will be a small gathering of Romans & like-minded folk at the
Shrine of Neptunus Pater on Sunday, July 22, from 1-7 p.m., in
Lebanon, TN (22 miles east of Nashville).

Members of Legio V Alaudae, Nova Roma, the Classics Dept. of VU, and
friends invited. If you live in the middle Tennessee area and are
interested in attending, please notify me privately for details.

Fl. Galerius Aurelianus

I didn't know there was a shrine to Neptune in Tennessee! Then again, until Castra Lafe I didn't know there was a reconstructed Legionary fort in Arkansas either. But this delights me even more because Neptunus was/is the patron God of "my" Legio, the VI Victrix. It is good to know there are things going on for Him again. >({|:-)

In amicitia et fide,
Aldus Marius Peregrinus.
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