Hellenic festivals and holidays for the month of August

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Hellenic festivals and holidays for the month of August

Postby Quintus Aurelius Orcus on Sun Jul 30, 2006 7:46 pm


This is a list for Hellenic festivals and holidays taking place in the month of August, named after the Roman Emperor Augustus. Due note that during this month, two Hellenic months cross paths, the month of Metageitnion and the month of Boedromion.

10th – 13th Eleusinia

12th Hellenion's Libation to Hermes

14th Sacrifice to the Heroines

15th Sacrifice to Hera Thelkina

20th Sacrifice to Zeus Epoptes

24th Hekate's Deipnon, last day of Metageitnion

25th Noumenia, first day of Boedromion

26th Niketeria

28th Basile

29th Epops and Genesia

30th Kharisteria

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