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Postby Aulus Flavius on Wed Apr 20, 2005 1:45 am


Firstly the two topics are unrelated. I just figured I'd save time and cram them into one post :)

I thought I'd bring this to a wider forum, as I've asked af few people in private but not many people seem to know much on the topics. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any texts that deal with;

- The Bacchanalia. I'm interested in knowing just what went on during these festivals, and if much is know about the dogma of the cult? I know there were certain beliefs about the afterlife but thats about it.

- Flamen Augustales. I was wondering if anyone knows anything (or could recommend any texts) that deal specifically with the worship of the Divine Augustus and his official priesthood set up after his death.

Any help would be fantastic people, thankyou :)


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