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C'mon, let's go.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 7:34 am
by Aldus Marius
Flavius' uneasiness did not--could not--escape the feral Legionary before him. However, Marius wisely chose not to comment upon it. If the patrician wanted to share what was troubling him, he would; but it wasn't necessary. There was no sense in making him an enemy by backing him into a wall.

"That's 'Centurio' to you, lad. If you want to get going quickly, I suggest you quit trying to hand me money, else we'll be arguing about it all day. Those purses have strings for a reason."

The veteran turned away. "We're going Northwest, actually," he said over his shoulder. "But then, so's the road. We're bound to find something suitable in the next hour or so. Peregrinus'll turn up." And he set off again, not looking to see if Flavius was following; it was simply an assumption.

Not very long afterward, he hit his stride; and from that point on, anyone would have wondered why he felt he needed a horse...

PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 5:19 pm
by Curio Agelastus
Despite his nocturnal tendencies, Curio was still exhausted, given how little sleep he had had recently. After having a little food to restore his strength, he went to sleep with the knowledge that his companions were near him.

His awakening was much less comfortable. The sound of a horse's steps, not too far away, alerted him. He grabbed his staff and leapt to his feet. He shook Draco, not looking to see if his friend awoke, and waited, enjoying the cool morning breeze.

At length, Marius loped into the clearing, and Curio relaxed. A little. Then he saw the horserider trotting behind Marius. He looked intensely at Marius, allowing his misgivings to show through. What was Marius doing bringing some aristocratic lackey to their camp?

Rather than speak in Latin, Curio addressed the newcomer in the language of his people. "Hey! What do you want over here?"
With a look of sympathy on his face, Curio continued in stilted, broken Latin, "Oh, do you not speak my tongue? That is a shame."

As the contempt on the rider's face grew, Curio greeted him more politely, with an accent that could have been found in any noble Roman house, "Salve. May I ask what business you have here? We are but humble travellers, as perhaps you can see." Curio glanced sideways at Marius with an amused smirk.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 3:13 am
by Aulus Flavius
Flavius repressed the sudden urge to sigh. There was another one of them. And what by Apollo had he said to the Centurion? It sounded harsh to say the least. A pair of dogs barking at each other. His halting latin made Flavius flinch and his attempts to soften his speech only made the patrician feel slightly less annoyed. Plebs...

"I am Aulus Flavius of the gens Flavia. Your companion here offered me shelter and protection along the road north. I certainly hope there are no objections?"

Flavius would have reached for his money pouch but if this one was anything like the Centurion it would just be a waste of time. He could never understand plebs. To think the Centurion almost seemed insulted by the prospect of being paid for his work.

Curius Flavus?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 9:33 am
by Aldus Marius
The last thing Marius expected to see when he cleared the woods was his own little encampment. Curio's face was only slightly more incredulous than his own; how could he have led Aulus Flavius onto his friends, when that was exactly the thing he'd been trying to avoid? Had the camp been moved in his absence?

His dogs were not letting up. Mari's confused expression shifted into a grim smirk. Bene, like Caesar's African landing, perhaps this mishap could be turned to advantage.

"Mi Curio," he said affably (for him), "I tried to talk this stray princeling out of coming here, but he wanted very much to see how the Other Half lives. He is of a scientific mind, I'm thinking," (and here Marius produced the volume of Lucretius that his guest had dropped when he'd first surprised his horse); "...and I'm sure he has theories, and perhaps he'd like to test them." Then the veteran leaned close, his back to Flavius, so only Curio could hear. "Amice, help me get rid of this fellow. He finds my company objectionable; perhaps if you two could demonstrate that you are more of the same, piled higher and deeper, he will go away like he was supposed to when I non-invited him. Some people just don't take a hint."

Just then there came another set of hoofbeats besides the ones that had followed him here. He did not even have to look up to know it was Peregrinus; he merely waited for the horse to put his head over Marius' shoulder, blowing gently in his "master's" ear.

The little dogs quieted, came; Mari performed his signature stunt of leading his horse along using nothing but his fingers under the animal's chin. He and his four-legged cohort found their belongings and started to load up; leaving Curio and the travelling noble to sort things out between themselves...

New Primus Pilus, >({|;-) >({|;-)

Terminus (Marius)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:54 pm
by Aldus Marius
Marius awoke, in a panic, to Peregrinus' nuzzling...flat on his back, on a bridlepath, with a splitting headache.

He was uncustomarily disoriented. He thought he might correct that by rolling carefully to his hands and knees, but it didn't help. He had a feeling something awful must have happened while he was out cold. He sat abruptly, thought of shaking his head to clear it, then thought better of it and tried to puzzle out his situation.

He could have sworn he'd been talking to a young Patrician. Yes...there were the hoofprints of a ridden horse, smaller and finer than Pere's; and...there...was a scroll of Lucretius. He certainly hadn't dropped it; he carried no books. So he had not imagined the encounter.

Then he had imagined the Awful Thing; he was still here on the path, so he could not have led the stranger back to the camp of his amici. He emitted a huge sigh of relief, and his head actually did clear a little.

In better presence of mind, he examined the tracks before and behind him. They told the rest of the story; the princeling, having found Marius a bit of an obstacle, had jumped his mount over the old Centurion, who had probably gotten clouted on the noggin by an overpassing hoof or two. That would explain the unconsciousness, and the hallucination; "betrayal by Marius" could not have been anything but a delusion or a fever-dream...!

Once again settled within himself, he rose to his feet. The tracks followed the path to its juncture with the main road, skirting the camp entirely. Good... Had the ungrateful sod decked him on purpose after getting his directions?? Ohh, Marius would have dealings with that man if he ever saw him again--and recognised him; always a chancy thing, even without a concussion, for which many other high-ranking low-lifes must have been profoundly thankful.

Bene, there was nothing else to do here; the veteran shouldered his pack, hung an arm around his own mount's neck for support, and let the horse walk him back to the encampment.

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