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Provincia Teiana!

Postby Aldus Marius on Sat Apr 28, 2007 8:25 pm

Salvete Omnes!

Our own Q Servilius Priscus introduced me to The Roman Way, a living-history group based in central Texas. Their focus is on face-to-face meetings and live events, during which they demonstrate much of Roman daily life and craft. For those of you in the south-central United States, here's what they've got goin' on in the near future!

Sat, 5 Mai - Harris Middle School History Fair (10a-4p), San Antonio, TX
- Cosmetics demo
- Roman bread and cheese samples
- Spinning and weaving demo
- Javelin throw
- Shoemaking/leatherworking demo
- Smithing demo
- Mockup of a Legionary's marching-kit
- Vegetable market
- Surveying display

Thur, 24 Mai - Veritas Academy presentation, Austin, TX

One of last year's participants describes it thus:

"Each year, Veritas Academy, a local private school, hosts a day fair in which the students portray different characters from history. "Festival of the Ages" Last year it was Roman themed, mostly, but there were reenactors in the event from WW2, Fur Trade, Rome, and a couple of others. We put up a shade and had a javelin throw, and a group of static displays.

We've been invited back this year to do a repeat. How many could help out? May 24 is a Thursday. We will need at least three or four to make a showing of any kind. Who's in? Photos of last year's event are on the Roman Way Yahoo Group, in the folder labeled Veritas Academy 2006.

It's a fun time, and the kids are very well behaved, curious, and well educated. They ask hard questions, and want real answers, I found out. Be careful how you answer: they know stuff."

They're also trying to get together an Italian Heritage Festival in their area, as their big event up 'til now has been the San Antonio Highland Games...not quite a Roman venue unless you like getting taunted over the Wall! (I've been.)

Oh, and special mention must be made of...

8 Iul-7 Oct - Exhibit: From the Ashes of Vesuvius, In Stabiano: Exploring the Ancient Seaside Villas of the Roman Elite
Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

Most of TRW is going, of course. But they're also trying to work out a presentation with the museum, possibly consisting of a Gladiator display, a mime performance, and/or a few vigilant Legionaries and others in period dress.

I'll keep any Romano-Texans posted as details about any of these become available! (And I'll be more timely next time.) >({|:#)

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