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Avete, Novi Sodales

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 8:19 am
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salvete, Omnes -

I missed this last month, but not this month: It is time to extend a public welcome to the Roman Way Society's newest members:


The Society welcomes you all -- and has already welcomed a number of you, here, in the Introductions Forum.

Haec fora situsque interretiales vobis facta sunt. Valete.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:50 pm
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salvete, Omnes Romani -

On behalf of the Societas Via Romana, I bid welcome to the following new Members of the Society. Delve and debate with dignity; we are a friendly group.

Although we had a surge in memberships a few months back, they have been fewer since; Some of you listed here had applied or were enrolled some time ago, others more recently -- but we bid you all felicity, and invite you to read, post, question, contribute, and enjoy the SVR Forum. And further, to enjoy the SVR Website's own Collegia, with articles, summaries, reviews and links.

Avete, Novi Sodales!

    MANIUS FURIUS PEREGRINUS - New Member Sat 7/12/08
    TIBERIUS IUNIUS SILANUS - New Member Sun 07/06/08
    AULUS MARCIUS RUSTICUS - New Member 5/26/08
    TIBERIUS IULIUS DRACO - New Members 05/20/2008
    GAIUS VINICIUS - New Member 05/20/2008
    SEXTUS MARIUS CANINUS - New Member 05/18/2008

Bene valete, Novi Nostri. :wink:


PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:15 am
by Aldus Marius
Avete omnes!

A Marius and a Peregrinus?? --I love it! >({|:-D

Welcome, all of you!!


Novi Sodales

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 12:01 am
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salvete, Omnes Romani -

On behalf of the Societas Via Romana, I welcome the following new Members of the Society.

Avete, Novi Sodales!

    APPIUS AELIUS APPIUS New Member 9/10/08

Yet another Peregrinus! A cognomen that's catching on, it would seem. Aldus Marius will be pleased.

Vos omnes, bene valete, Novi Nostri.

Migration Corridor?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 3:44 am
by Aldus Marius
Avete omnes!

> ...Aldus Marius will be pleased.

Oh, he is, trust me--he is!

Now, with Wanderers alighting here in ever-increasing numbers and you suppose we've become a stopover on a migration route? If so, let the Peregrines and all other avifauna find enough here to justify spending the winter. >({|:-)

In amicitia et fide (and, apparently, likeness),


PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:35 am
by Galerius
Salve et Salvete Omes Valerius Claudius Iohannes et Amici

I am Appius Galerius Aurelius and I am new to group.
I have always found interest in things Roman since I was old enough to learn about Roma and to appreciate it.I am a member of the micronation that I will not mention as I find the atmosphere here less political and I appreciate that.I am also a practitioner of the Religeo Romana.I hope to learn more and also to make as many positive contributiones that I can.Thank you for welcoming to the group.

Valete Optime,
Appius Galerius Aurelius

Ave right back atcha!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:00 am
by Aldus Marius
Salve, clare Appi Galeri!

As you've noted, we don't bite...which means it's perfectly OK to mention Nova Roma; most of our best people are "dual citizens". Personally, I find any such duality to be artificial. We are all Rome, we are all Romans; the thing that brings us together is larger than either Nova Roma or the SVR. We are a fairly decent cross-section of the priests and poets, the warriors and philosophers, the reenactors, the homebrew researchers and the spinners of tales that make up the greater Roman world, online and off-. We are Romans-in-Spirit, and there just aren't enough of us to go splitting off into fortified camps.

Be sure to check out our Collegium Religionum et Philosophiarum. You will find deep things there, being discussed in a friendly and informative atmosphere that I think speaks for the Societas as a whole.

Welcome, then, to our little community! Bring every aspect of your Roman experience; we're here to share! >({|:-)

In amicitia et fide,

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:47 am
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salvete, Sodales Sociique -

Although new Sodales have been few these last couple of months, :| we have had two: :)

MANIUS ANTONIUS BENIGNUS, as of 11/26/08; and
GALLA IUNIA URSA, as of 12/13/08.

Welcome to the SVR, Novi Romani. >({|:-)

Et vobis omnibusque: valete.

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:30 pm
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Avete, Sodales Sociique -

Iam tempus denuo recentissime novorum Sodalium admissorum nomina ostendere aptum arbitror.
I think it's time again to show the names of the most-recently admitted New Sodales here at the SVR, to wit:

SPURIUS SEMPRONIUS FORMOSUS (etiam hoc nomine notus: Formosus Viriustus) 2/16/09

Thank you for joining, Sodales Novi.

May you all, received here from many nations, flourish!
Sodales multis ab terris accepti omnes optime salvete.


PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:29 pm
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Avete, Sodales Novi, ab Martis mensu ad hodiernum diem.

MARCUS AELIUS AGRICOLA . . . enrolled 6/12/09
CAIA SALICIA AENEA . . . enrolled 5/30/09
LUCIA AURELIA COQUA . . . enrolled 5/21/09
APPIUS AURELIUS LUPUS . . . enrolled 5/5/09
DARIUS TERENTIUS URSUS . . . enrolled 4/27/09
TITUS VALERIUS AQUILA . . . enrolled 4/2/09
PUBLIUS AELIUS INDUS . . . enrolled 3/19/09
PUBLIUS VALERIUS REGULUS . . . enrolled 3/1/09

It has been some time since I've acknowledged the people who have joined us in recent months. To all of you, welcome and Salve. No need to be too shy here - if you feel inclined, post something about yourself in the Introductions forum!

Bene valete, omnes.

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:37 pm
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Avete, Sodales atque Novi Sodales. Novorum exhibendorum nobis est tempus. Once again, it has been some time since I've acknowledged the people who have signed onto the Societas.

DARIA VALERIA PEREGRINA . . . enrolled 7/26/09
CAIA VALERIA AENEA . . . enrolled 8/8/09
LUCIA VINICIA NATTA . . . enrolled 8/31/09
LUCIA OCTAVIA SEVERA . . . enrolled 9/8/09
LUCIA CASSIA FLAVA . . . enrolled 9/14/09
MARCUS IULIUS PRIMUS . . . enrolled 9/21/09

To all of you, welcome and Salve. We'd love to have you post something about yourself in the Introductions forum! I note that the praenomen 'Lucia' is very popular!

Bene valete, omnes.

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:47 pm
by Galerius
Salve et salvete,

It is indeed an honor and a pleasure to be among you.I am presently still a citizen of Nova Roma,I hope that that will not be a problem.Anyway I love all things Roman.
I am especially into Religio Romana.Law and Roman history.I will do my besat to contribute where I can and seek to learn as much as possible from all of you.

Vale et valete,
Appius Aurelius Lupus
Carpe Diem!

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:25 pm
by caiavaleria
Avete Omnes!

I am pleased and honoured to be amongst such enthusiastic Romans. My latin is rusty and will no doubt improve with your help!
I have studied archaeology with special reference to the construction and use of swords. I'm impressed to find a gladiatrix and a Pannonian lady with ambitions to be a legionary.
In short, I'm looking forward to a stimulating exchange of knowledge and ideas!.
Quod bonum, faustum en fortunatumque sit.

Caia Valeria Aena

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:01 am
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salvete, et Appii Aurelii Lupe et Caia Valeria Aenea -

Very glad to have you on board. Please roam the Forensic posts and add your two sesterces to topics that interest you.

Aurelii Lupe, Nova Romans are welcome here, despite our occasional critical remarks; so many of the SVR's formative and contributing people were and again are Nova Romans. We look at the SVR as a less heated virtual forum, and hopefully one where no one has to flame anyone. Haven't entirely avoided that in the past, however!

Are you a student of Roman Law, or of "Law the Career"?

Caia Aenea, I should like to know a bit about your field of archeology of swords. It occurs to me that you must be a veritable metallurgist at this point, since the quality of metals from different regions and eras must vary greatly, and affect the survival of artifacts.

De totis modis, bene valete!

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:01 pm
by caiavaleria
Salvete Valeri Claudi iohannes! If this is not grammatically correct, Please do correct my latin.
Indeed - I do know a lot about metallurgy. Comparatively few Roman swords survive as they were often recycled. The gladii and spathas are the two known Roman swords.
Gladii being a lot shorter and broader than spatha for use by the cavalry, which often consisted of foreign auxilliaries. It is generally thought that the gladius were made with high phosphorus iron, which improved the hardness of the sword at the expense of flexibility.
Some experiments have been done to establish the optimum blade length for close combat to be 15 to 17 inches. I could go on...

Valete! Caia Valeria Aena

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:31 pm
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salve, Caia Aenea -

Do go on! In fact, I will start a thread (maybe there's an old one on the same topic) re Swords of Rome and the Empire. If you can give us some info, we'd all appreciate it. Interesting that they would vary the "steel recipe" for the gladius vs. the spatha, but of course it makes perfect sense and their smiths had their lore. >({|:-)

Vale bene.

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:03 pm
by caiavaleria
Salve Valeri Claudi,

It's nice to know there is so much interest in the swords. I shall unearth my old BSc thesis and write again. ears ago there was a lively discussion on as to where on the body in combat conditions the gladius was worn. Some thought it to be slung on the back so that in close combat conditions it was easier to withdraw from the scabbard. I think this theory has now been dropped. Experiments showed that it was more likely to damage the legionair behind rather than the enemy in front!( Experimental archaeology can be fun.)

I would like to draw your attention to : hardcore history.
These are lectures which can be downloaded. I was so impressed by the 3 long lectures on the Punic Wars that I cannot recommend them highly enough. Brilliant, enthusiastic delivery, meticulously researched. The downloads are free and no advertising or cookies are involved.

Valete omnes

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:08 am
by Tiberius Livius Nero
Salvete omnes!

I am quite happy to now be a member of the SVR, and look forward to involving myself and contributing to the exchange of knowledge. I am currently studying both International Law and Classical studies at University, and have always been fascinated with the Classical world (especially the Roman era). I am particularly interested in the study of Latin (having begun my own studies in the language only recently), Religio Romana, Classical philosophy, and Roman history.

Ti. Livius Nero

Re: Avete New Sodales! (Intros)

PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:13 pm
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Salve, Tiberii Livii Nero!

Glad to have you here. :D Atque Dii te custodiant, Sodalis.