Racing season of 2757 begins!

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Racing season of 2757 begins!

Postby Gnaeus Dionysius Draco on Mon Dec 29, 2003 12:42 am

Salvete sodales,

2756 was the big test case for the ludi circenses. They will continue in 2757 due to their great success!

Will Romulus equal or improve his five victories? Or can anyone beat his record? And will factio Albata remain in pole position? Will Damnator become champion again? We'll see...

What can we expect? Where 2756 had nine ludi, 2757 will have ten to make a round number, the first ludi starting half January, during the Carmentalia. Every charioteer and factio begins with a clean slate. New racers or sponsors who wish to change their tactics can do so until January 10.

Just like this year, 2757 will have two opportunities to gain more points to spend on statistics. The ludi Romae Conditionis, where the winner gets an extra point, and then the general winner of the year will also receive an extra point to spend on their statistics.

More improvements, adaptations etc etc may follow through the year. Any and all ideas are, of course, very welcome.

Valete bene!
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