On the name of the Ludi

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On the name of the Ludi

Postby A. Gratius Avitus on Thu Jul 06, 2006 6:27 pm

Avitus collegis optimis suís S·P·D

I'm just writing briefly, as an accomplished Latin philologist, to advise you that the name of this part of the Forum as it now stands in the Forum Index, namely "Ludi Societatis", sounds awkward to a Latin speaker given the wide range of meanings of the word "societas" and the lack of an determinant article in Latin. I would suggest to call it "Ludi Nostrae Societatis" or, as everything happening in the Forum of course regards the SVR, to leave it just as "Ludi". Thank you ever so much for your attention.

Curate ut valeatis optime!
A. Gratius Avitus

Postby A. Gratius Avitus on Mon Jul 10, 2006 2:01 pm

Avitus collegis optimis suís S·P·D

Since I am a most recent member of these forums and have not yet had the time to see to my registration as a sodalis (nor will I have until the end of August, when I come back from my holidays starting on Thursday), and as a consequence cannot participate in the Comitia where the debate, which *I* brought up, seems to have been moved, and thus removed from my own participation in it (and someone said there was no politicking in the SVR), I will add my comments here in the respective forums where I started the discussion.

Scerio wrote:I see no reason why to add "our" to the Games of the Society - it is not only implied but preferred for conciseness so fond of the Romans. It was rarely "our republic" but overwhelmingly "the republic".

I tried to indicate (probably not clearly enough) that a simple "Ludi" would be much better, and my own preference.

Curate ut valeatis!
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A. Gratius Avitus

Postby Q Valerius on Mon Jul 10, 2006 7:48 pm

Ludi also works. They are, afterall, the games. I wouldn't be opposed to that at all, but I wouldn't think that Nostrae would be any better than Ludi Societatis.
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