In the Senate

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In the Senate

Postby Horatius Piscinus on Mon Apr 21, 2003 8:47 pm

Salvete Quirites omnes

Life in the Senate is not one of SVR's most exciting places. Certainly not as entertaining as is the circus. We are just not a contentious lot, so not much business is ever taken up in the Senate.

Currently we are discussing the situation in Col Lat where we lack a rector. Concern has also been expressed over the relative inactivity in some of the other collegia. I note that we are due for elections of rectores by mid July, and I have proposed that instead we move up the elections of all collegia rectores to the first week of June. The next set of races will be running in the circus at that time, to celebrate SVR's founding, so perhaps we will have more voters available in town.

There are two questions posing themselves as we consider the collegial elections. All collegae should be interested and are invited to give their opinion in the Comitia's contio.

1. Should the collegia be reorganized? That is, should some of the collegia be combined, reducing the number of rectores required, and also effectively reducing the size of the Senate.

2. What duties should be stipulated for rectores to perform? SVR will soon be two years old. We have had a few rectores, each free to develop their collegium as they thought best. Our Aediles has offered a picture of what has thus far been produced in SVR with a rather casual attitude towards the rectores in what they do or do not do in SVR. The question is now whether we clarify the role of our rectores, what minimum duties they will be responsible for or to leave the matter still open.

Everyone who is interested in seeking the office of rector should consider these matters and express their opinion.

Valete optime

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