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Postby Horatius Piscinus on Wed Dec 25, 2002 12:06 am

Ex domo M. Moravius Horatianus Piscinus consul designatus Quiritibus SPD:

Nuntiatio addictivae

Hodie auspicari, augurium ageram. Aves addictunt!

The winter sun at noon low in the sky, glowing behind the haze of gray clouds, today the birds were observed, the auspices taken. Sacrifices of wine, sweet breads, and aromatic herbs from distant lands were offered to Pater Jupiter. A flock of many birds circling low in the south. Above, from out of the Sol Invictus appeared an immusulus soaring, climbing higher, above in the south, travelling from left to right, from east to west.

Fest. ep. 43 Circanea dicitur avis quae volans circuitum facit.
"Circanea are those birds called who flying make a circuit."

Servius Ad Aen. 4.462: Secudum auguralem disciplinam volunt greges avium minus significare.
"According to the discipline of the augurs, the flight of a flock of birds is less significant than the flight of a single bird flying on its own."

Fest. 197a: Alites, quae alis ac volatu; ut buteo, sanqualis, aquila, immusulus, vulturus.
"The alites are those who by their flight give the auspices, such as the dessert bird called buteo, the osprey, the eagle, the young vulture, and the great vulture."

Servius Buc. 9.13: Minora enim auguria maioribus cedunt nec ullarum sunt virium, licet priora sint.
"Between the major and minor signs, of those truly a part of augury and not merely signs, priority is given to some over others."

A young vulture, soaring on its own, above the low flying circling birds, and attaining greater heights. Thus, the birds are favorable.

Then was consulted the Oracle. The Oracle spoke thus:

"Valiant Messapus at thy side will be" Aeneid XI

And then again thus:
"Sons from an outland country are to come -
So chant they Latium's destiny - whose blood
Must raise our name to the Heavens.
~Aeneid VII

a. d. VII Kal Ian 2755 AUC
M Horatius Piscinus

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