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Future SVR

Postby Horatius Piscinus on Tue Dec 24, 2002 1:12 pm

Ex domo M. Moravius Piscinus consul designatus Quiritibus SPD:

I wish to extend my best wishes to all of our members in this holiday season, and further to offer my thanks and congratulations to everyone for their participation in our societas over this past year and most recently in our elections.

Over the course of the next few days, before taking office, the newly elected magistrates will once more assess the development of our societas, where it is presently and in what direction they may wish to take it. Previously our focus had been on recruiting new members to our societas, as though we might measure our progress by a growth in numbers. Active participation on our lists was another measure by which our magistrates looked towards the progress of our societas. The transfer over to our new list format reduced the number of subscribed members, while not particularly reducing our list activity. We have continued to gain new members and activity on the lists has diversified somewhat. In short, the effect has been to bring our numbers down to a core of active participants.

Meanwhile there was a backlog of contributions from our members that was waiting to be posted to our website. That problem is now being corrected. The website, I feel, is a better measure of our societas? development and progress. It displays for all to see what our societas produces. In that, it also shows a progress of our members in what they are individually achieving in their studies, that reflects how our societas as whole supports and fosters personal development. Here is where we need to place greater emphasis, working collectively to assist fellow members, resulting in an expansion of our website and an improvement of its quality. That in the end will lead to a growth in our numbers as well.

The Societas Via Romana is a collective effort by all its members. At this time I wish to invite all members to reflect upon the nature of our societas. What do you consider SVR to be, what do you wish to see it become? Then I would like to see everyone posting to our Comitia list, voicing their opinions on what needs to be done to further our development. Really that is a personal matter and that is what I most wish to hear about. What does membership and participation in SVR mean to you? What do you hope to receive by being a member of our societas? And then, how can we better provide for our members?

Di deaeque nos semper ament.
M Horatius Piscinus

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Horatius Piscinus
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Postby Quintus Aurelius Orcus on Wed Dec 25, 2002 4:16 pm

Salve Piscine

Personally i see SVR as a community where everyone contribute to the group. We post stuff, essays, articles on various topics to not only inspire others to do so but bring a certain understanding to the people who don't read history books. Instead of everything throwing at once in their face, they have the chance to pick a topic they find interesting and read about. We don't do this just them but for ourselves aswell because we are interested in this. I don't have any specific wishes for SVR besides that it should continue on the road its on now and that we start thinking of Col. Religionis in matters of the religious studies. Although membership and participation are two seperate things, they can go hand in hand here in SVR. SVR has the privilege of having such a wonderful team of people working for SVR and for the members. They all did a terrific job. I now i'm sucking up but it should be said.
By becoming a member i think people will have the privilege to participate in something they probably never had done before. And those who are new and are guided by someone, those persons who guide the new ones should encourage their proteges to participate. As it has shown SVR is a place where everything is conducted civil and polite. SVR is a place where everyone can learn, even those who post regular, where no one should fear of being excluded just because they have a different view or thoughts. It what makes it more interesting.
Anyway that are my thoughts on it.
happy holidays to everyone
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Postby Anonymous on Sun Jan 05, 2003 2:19 am

Salvete Omnes!

I'll just say "ditto" to the points raised by Orcus.

In addition ... I suppose its no secret the center of my activity here is in the Religious College. Watching a Religio for the Modern Era grow and hopefully expand beyond a handful of practicioners is at the top of my priority list.

As to everything else, I'm just here to learn and have fun and hopefully contribute as well.


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