Prayers in the Latin Anthology
by: M. Horatius Piscinus
Anthologia Latina

I 15.59: Forcibly wrench this evil from me, Invincible God, have pity for your children.

I 199. 2: Leave those hills of Perides, O Muses, and come write with me.

I 655.6: O Gods, grant me better than I have and moreover renew the joyous feeling of this night.

I 781.15: Grant, I pray, your assistance and ease the pain of our fiery passions.

II 19.9: Grant that you defend we who farm the Italian countryside.

II 1029.5: Now, Manes, I call you to witness, on these bones I leave behind, may the earth put atop them lie gently.

II 1147.2: Now if virtue is rewarded among the Manes, within the changeable shadows, then I pray that the Mother may give honor and gratitude to you.

II 1256.4: Gods above, to you I pray this, that, after me, you preserve the life of my friend.

II 250.12: Come, O God, kind patron, come! May you favor us in your presence.

II 492.2: Many flowers, Proserpina, I pray, I pray, may You rest upon the woodland to delight my dear Aelia, enclosed lately in this tomb.

II 502.2: Please spare me, I pray aloud, I pray sincerely, I ask fully, spare me!

II 963.7: But to you now, Pietas, I pray and I venerate, that what good I have done may merit for me a cheerful Hilaria.
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