Pagan Prayers (drawn from Horatius' Odes)
by: M. Horatius Piscinus
To Venus
O Venus, regina Cnidi Paphique, sperne dilectam Cypron et vocantis ture te multo Glycerae decoram transfer in aedem. Fervidus tecum puer et solutis Gratiae zonis properentque Nymphiae et parum comis sine te Juventas Mercuriusque.

Come to us Venus, O Queen of Cnidos and Paphos, leave Cyprus, though the isle is dear to you, come instead to where the incense is thick and Glycera sings to you, that you may transfer your home to your new shrine among us. Bring along for your company desirous Cupid, loose-girdled Graces and Nymphs, youthful Juventus and Mercury, who without you are graceless.

(Carminum Liber I: xxx.1-8).
To Faunus
Faune, Nympharum fugientum amator, per meos finis et aprica rura lenis incedas abeasque parvis aequus alumnis, Si tener pleno cadit haedus anno, larga nec desunt Veneris sodali vina craterae, verus ara multo fumat odore.

Amorous Faunus, from whom the Nymphs flee, step lightly across my boundaries and sunny fields, and soon depart, leaving your blessing on my young lambs and kids, and leveled tender shoots. If gentle, at yearís end a plumb kid Iíll offer, with wine libations liberally poured from the cups of Venusí devotees, and many sweet, fragrant herbs Iíll burn on your ancient altar.

(Carmina Liber III.xviii.1-8)
To Diana
Montium custos nemorumque, Virgo, quae laborantis utero puellas ter vocata audis adimisque leto, diva triformis, imminens villae tua pinus esto, quam per exactos ego laetus annos verris obliquum meditantis ictum sanguine donem.

Guardian of hills and forest groves, Virgin, whom young mothers thrice invoke at childbirth, listen and deliver them from death. Triple goddess, to you I dedicate this pine tree that now overhangs my villa, and each year the blood of a wild boar, who ponders an oblique thrust, I will gladly give to its roots as drink.

(Carmina Liber III.xxii.1-8).
To Liber
Euhoe, parce Liber, parce gravi metuende thyrso!

Euhoe! Save me Liber, spare me grave master of the fearful ivy-rod.

(Carminum Liber II: xix.7-8)
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